Lauren + Brittany

Oh,Hey! We're Lauren + Brittany.

Founders of Aligned Grind.


Aligned Grind was created to support women on their journey of aligning to their soul's purpose and creating the abundant life they desire. Aligned Grind Retreats and Mastermind groups give you the tools and coaching needed to bust through rooted patterns that are no longer needed in ones personal growth journey. Coaches, Brittany and Lauren team up to give you the results you've been longing for whether your desire is in business or leveling up in life.

Brittany + Lauren have been friends for 21 years - Individually unique, yet are so aligned in the pursuit to help women connect with their true purpose, manifest a thriving life and do it all from an energetically aligned space!

By teaming up to serve, you get double the love. Their Yin Yang personalities and backgrounds give you dual views on life, business, manifestation and soulfulness that creates lasting life changing results.



Hello girl, I see you!
You have a burning desire, an undeniable drive, but can't seem to get to a level that you're completely satisfied with. Whether it's success, relationship, physical, or internal fulfillment you're never fully satisfied. I was that girl nearly 5 years ago when I took the leap from my corporate job into full time entrepreneurship. I was hungry, ready to succeed on my own terms and was certain that chasing the dollar would buy my happiness and fill the void I had been carrying. Let me just ruin the shocking ending for you: I created a lot of money, I was a manifesting master, and I always wanted MORE, I wasn’t satisfied on my journey or when I arrived. I was incredibly lost and looping back into my programming of feeding my ego and coming up short every time. I would see that as a challenge, work harder, spend less time with family, and burn out.  I was left with relationships around me crumbling, a fluctuating bank account, and no feeling of success in any form.

I hit a fork that year, as much as I would love to rewrite that embarrassing narrative, it was my wake up call to align with my purpose to serve others and not my ego. I had to rebuild not only my business structure, but my life, my mindset, and my spiritual connection from the ground up. I was determined to do it differently and learn why I and so many like me struggled to find true fulfillment. Fast forward to today, I am now an Intuitive Financial Strategist able to walk with women who are ready to do things differently than before and create a life that is aligned with their purpose and allowing a full mind, body, soul enriched life.

It takes more than a business strategy to create aligned, soul fulfilling success. I coach women, creating a strong foundation, clearing energetic blocks, removing deep rooted patterns that create limits, and help align into full fulfillment in life and business. 



Hey Love!
First and foremost I am celebrating you!

Just by being here, you've made a massive statement that you're ready to level up and thrive!

Believe it or not, I used to lead a life steeped in anxiety, worry, lack and negativity. I believed that if something was going to go wrong, it was going to go wrong to me. And that mindset lead to exactly that. My lack thoughts, negative emotions and anxiety just kept creating more of the same. I was stuck in a massive negative cycle I thought I'd never break free from -  or better yet, that I wasn't aware I could break free from. After hitting a massive energetic wall after my first daughter was born, I knew there had to be more to life than the constant struggle, weight of the world and anxiety. Something within me said that there was a life to be lived purely lead by joy, spiritual connection, abundance and freedom.

I'm here to tell you, there is!

My Journey of self discovery ignited a passion within me to help women uncover the same. To fully step into their authentic self, regain their identity/self-worth that may have been lost along the way and fully step in who they are meant to be.

You are a massively power woman, but sometimes you forget that. I specialize in Human Design, Emotional Guidance and Spiritual Transformation to help get you back in alignment and fully embracing the beautiful soul you are!


You can manifest the life you want and you can fully take back your power and release the excuses/resistance that as kept you spinning in old patterns. It just starts with getting out of your own way and getting back to your true self.


What you've been through and where you're at right now is exactly where you need to be. Don't forget that.

Let's regret nothing and start creating the life you know you deserve now!