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Our unique coaching programs were created with you in mind and with the intent to meet you exactly where YOU'RE at on your journey.
Whether you're just getting started, looking to really kickstart your business or ready to go all in with high touch and personalized coaching
We're here for you!


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This 4 week intensive program is where you get the guidance that YOU need to begin crafting the life you know you're meant to live. Direct access to Lauren + Brittany allows you to get a personalized transformation. This is not another course where we just dish content at you and hope you make it. Together we will deep dive into where you are now and be the support to get you to where you know you're meant to be. 



Each week a new training will be released along with a weekly workbook to keep you on track throughout the week. 


Trainings are released in strategic order to create what you desire from the inside out. 


  • Week 1: Identify your stories.

  • Week 2: Messaging + Niche

  • Week 3: Creating Offers + Money Set Points

  • Week 4: Launching + Earning with Ease



Have a personal question or need clarification on something related to your current situation? The voxer app is your personal 'walkie talkie' with Brittany and Lauren through the Voxer Application. throughout the weekly discussions, prompts and workbook exercises, pop in and let them know where you are at! 


This is a sacred space to receive support and encouragement along your Journey.


 And... ONE on ONE Coaching Calls! 

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6 Month High-Touch Coaching


One private alignment report where Lauren and Brittany dive into your soul's "blueprint". This is the kickoff point peeling back the first layer of what makes you tick and gives both you and us a better idea of how to approach business with flow. We combine human design and your astrological makeup to give you a better understanding of how you can work more in alignment and flow. 

Monthly Coaching Calls (total of 6) which allow us to dive into business strategy or soulful alignment. We meet you where you're at that month and help you expand into the next level. Each session will bring light to your current wins and get into the nitty gritty of your business and/or personal growth.  


6 month Voxer support. Your direct access to Brittany + Lauren in Voxer. This is your personal, private and protected space to expand and grow. We are here when you need us, helping you keep your momentum or holding space for you when it matters most. 


6 Month access to Soulful/Mindset/Business strategy weekly trainings and Q&A discussions.


6 Month access to all exclusive bonuses, resources and tools. When we test something that works, we want you to get your hands on it and use it in your business too! 



This is an INVESTMENT in yourself, your business, and your future.

Let's walk side by side and make the next 6 months, the best yet!


We are here to support you!


Together we THRIVE!

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