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"Helping women get out of their own way by removing energetic blocks that allow them to finally obtain the success they dream of is my jam."

-Brittany Desadier 

What is a Clearing?

We all hold a unique story that has brought us to the point where we are in this current moment , but maybe you have a bigger vision and need help getting out of your own way to get there. You're not alone, in fact I was in your similar seat when I first started in my journey. I have spent countless hours working through my unserving patterns of my past into a blessing to expand and help others live their true purpose in life. Each and every being deserves a life of happiness and joy. By landing here, you are one step closer to removing those blocks that may be holding you back and leaning into an extraordinary life. 


It is my mission to help you clear blocks, bust negative patterns, allow abundance and find the clarity that you deserve. I use a unique blend of energy healing techniques to clear patterns, lingering emotions or beliefs you're holding onto that no longer serves you. 


I'm here to walk with you on your journey to find the clarity you've been searching for, uncover your genius, clear inherited and personal energy blocks, that have been keeping you in a holding pattern. There is no better time than now to allow yourself to break free of these patterns.

You have been guided to the right spot. 

What To Expect From A Clearing

  • To identify what has been holding you back from achieving what you want.

  • To create a new holding pattern for your energetic blueprint that supports the success you're trying to create. 

  • To release what you no longer need to hold in your energetic field and feel much lighter. 

  • Find clarity and regain momentum.

  • Bring flow to stagnant energy that has caused limitations.

  • Opening up better communication in relationships.