Ready to start fresh in 2021?

Gather along side other like-minded, passionate women ready to rise and fully step into their purpose. This group program has been designed to help you release the blocks that have been holding you back from stepping into your full potential and begin turning your dreams into reality.


Raise your frequency, confidence and fully step into the woman you're meant to be.

Ready to shed all expectation and become the women you're meant to be?

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As a Soul Sister You'll Receive -

One private alignment report where Lauren and Brittany dive into your soul's "blueprint". This is the kickoff point peeling back the first layer of what makes you tick and gives both you and us a better idea of how to approach business with flow. We combine human design and your astrological makeup to give you a better understanding of how you can work more in alignment and flow. 
1 Hour Weekly Group Coaching Calls (4/month). Receive direct support from Lauren + Brittany as well as the empowerment and support from the other Mastermind sisters. We dive directly into what is coming up for your that week in your business and alignment in a sacred purpose driven discussion. It is a sacred space to filled  


1 Hour Private Monthly Coaching Call (1/month) which allow us to dive into business strategy or soulful alignment. We meet you where you're at that month and help you expand into the next level. Each session will bring light to your current wins and get into the nitty gritty of your business and/or personal growth.   

Voxer support -  Direct access to Brittany + Lauren in Voxer. This is your personal, private and protected space to expand and grow. We are here when you need us, helping you keep your momentum or holding space for you when it matters most. 
Access to all Soulful/Mindset/Business strategy trainings, exclusive bonuses, resources and tools. When we test something that works, we want you to get your hands on it and use it in your business too!

*Mastermind has a 6 or 12 month option*

This is an INVESTMENT in yourself, your business, and your future.
Let's walk side by side and make the next 6 months, the best yet!

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