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Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your daily life.  

Create the time and space you need to do a deep dive into your

body, mind and soul. 


MAY 12-14



Reignite your passion for life and gain the tools and techniques to living an aligned life that fulfills your purpose and fills your soul.



Release stories and patterns that have kept you from hitting the next level. Clearing stagnant energy to allow the flow of abundance and clarity on your purpose. 



Regain your power and confidence by aligning with your authentic self. Uncover your most worthy self, strengthening your mind, body, soul connection. 

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what's included



- Daily workout and personal nutrition breakdown on how to not only fuel your body, but create overall balance for optimal health. 

- Tools and techniques to understand how to work with energetics and clear blocks within your own being to get out of your own way. 

- Personal human design breakdown to understand your soul's unique design and how it all flows together to show up as your best self with less resistance. 

- Weekend swag bag valued over $150.

- An opportunity to be fully surrounded by supportive and amazing women all stepping into their personal next level.  

- Lunch and Dinner included daily. 

- Personal weekend access to 3 unique coaches working together to fully encompass mind, body, soul connection. 

retreat payment options

pay in full option

($50 Savings)

 Total payment of $697 due at time of registration

2 payment option

$250 (non-refundable) Deposit due at time of registration

$497 final payment

due April 9th, 2021

*Prices do not include flights or hotel accommodations. discounted room rate is available.

NOW is the time to

REIGNITE your passion and purpose, RELEASE what's blocking you and REGAIN your power!

Immerse yourself in a group of women who are all ready to shed the blocks that have been weighing them down and ignite the fire within them to gain the clarity they have been searching for.  Spend a weekend surrounded by passionate, driven women ready to take the reins of life and begin creating the lives they desire. 


raise your frequency, confidence and fully step into the woman you're meant to be.

- Get to know your Coaches below -


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Meet Your Coaches


Brittany Desadier

"Your dream is only yours for the taking if you choose to allow yourself to have it."

Brittany is an Intuitive Financial Strategist and Co-Founder of Aligned Grind. She specializes in Energy Clearing, Epigenetics and Purpose Driven Business Development. Brittany helps you physically clear the blocks that are holding you back from being your highest self and stepping into your full potential. 


She lights the fire from within you and releases the energy that is keep you from going all in. Brittany guides you in unleashing your souls purpose and finding your inner power. She is here to help you clear the way and create habits and routines that allow you to be the bad ass woman you are! 

Lauren Lucero

"We don't decide our destiny, We discover it."

Lauren is Co-Founder of Aligned Grind and Owner of Soul Design Co. She specializes in Spiritual/Faith based Transformation and Human Design. Lauren is here to help you awaken your spiritual transformation and fully align with your souls unique design.


We all have a unique way that our souls want to show up in this world and a unique energetic blueprint on how to do that - Lauren helps you navigate the fears, resistance and limitations keeping you from fully stepping into your authentic power, confidence and abundance. 


Karly McCarthy

"You are SO much more than just your body."

Karly is the Founder of Therapy Fitness and The Strong Body Project. She is a certified personal trainer and fitness mindset educator known for her fun workouts and hands on programs. Karly breathes life into your journey of a healthy life style while making it fun and empowering. 


Karly has experienced being unhealthy and feeling stuck and overwhelmed.  She has gone through her own journey of losing over 80 lbs, as a busy full time working mom of twins.  The challenges, misinformation, and intimidation of the process lit a fire for her to be a guiding light for others struggling with their own journey.  She specializes in helping you connect the strength of the physical body and the power of your mind and soul through personalized routines, exercises, nutrition and mindset. She meets you where you're at and guides you on your path of Self-Empowerment.



- get out of your own way and take control of the direction of your life?

- shed all expectation and become the women you're meant to be?

-  feel empowered and begin creating a life true to who you are?

- fully step into abundance and begin manifesting a life unimaginable?


Thank you! Check your email for additional registration information

Aligned Grind Retreat Logo1-01.png