We Don't Decide Our Destiny, We Discover It. 

We all have an unique blueprint, a unique and powerful way our souls want to show up.

Nows the time to begin unlocking the code and discover YOU.

When's the last time you took a minute for yourself?

The fact that you're here means you're ready to step into your power and discover YOU.


I see you - you're feeling the struggle, feeling resistance, unclear of which direction to go, unclear on who you really are and feeling lost in an endless sea of others needs. You're ready to feel confident, feel fulfilled and step into a life more full of joy, happiness and excitement.

I. See. You. 



Transformation Coaching

 For so long I struggled with low self worth, negative self talk and an endless need to please others. My journey to find myself, my joy and my truth ignited a passion to help other women do the same. I specialize in Human Design, Emotional Guidance and Spiritual Alignment to help you find who you truly are and to shift from a life based in fear, doubt and worry to a life in flow with joy, confidence and abundance. 

What does living an aligned and inner guidance lead life bring you?

  • Expansion into a life you never thought possible

  • Clarity in direction

  • The tools to help you align when life becomes chaotic

  • Peace and support in knowing you're being guided to the highest good at all times

  • Ease/comfort in life at even the most uncertain times

  • The gift of manifesting your wants into your daily life

  • More Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment and Fun


It's time to begin living a life true to you!

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It's time to shed the identity of who you think you should be and fully step into who you really are.


Discover who you are at an energetic level

Uncover your Human Design and discover how you align with the world with the least amount of resistance and the maximum amount of confidence!

HD Reading Options

HD Basics Logo-01.png

Your introduction into Human Design.

We all have a unique energetic blueprint, take the first step into learning to life through your design. Here you will get the introduction to your Type, Strategy, Authority and all 9 of your defined or undefined centers. The perfect stepping stone into understanding and living your design.


Please allow 1-2 weeks for your report to be delivered 



HD Deep Dive Logo-01.png

Ready to uncover the next level of who you are?


This HD Deep dive provides all information included in the basics report plus a deep dive into your Gates, Channels and the connection between your Sun, Moon, Earth, North Node and South Node.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your report to be delivered 

This deep dive comes with an 1 hour Zoom phone call.